Inverse Problems and Related Topics
The second joint seminar between Japan and Korea

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Jan 11 (Thur) - Jan 13 (Sat), 2001

Using subway

  1. Get on the line 5 (Purple) at Station 512 (Kimpo Int'l Airport)
  2. Change to Line 2 (Green) at Station 523 (Yeongdeungpo-gu office)
  3. Get off at Station 227 (Nakseongdae)

Taking a shuttle bus

  1. Exit the station thru Exit #4.
  2. Go to the shuttle bus stop marked "C" on the map.
  3. Take any bus at "C" and stop at the HoAm. All buses go to Seoul National University.
  4. Or you may take a taxi. Distance from "C" to "F" on the map is about 1 km.