Intro. Math. Image Proc.-- Syllabus

Fall 2021

Intructor : Jungho Yoon
Office: Science Bd A-509
Telephone: (02) 3277-2293
email :

Class Time and Place: 3:30-4:45 pm (Mon), 2:00-3:15 pm (Wed) in Posco 452

Office Hours: 3:30-4:30 pm (Wed)

Teaching Assistant:
    Kim, Jin Young , Jong-A 501/Phone:3277-3528

    A First course in Wavelets with Fourier Analysis 2nd Ed., by A. Boggess, F. Narcowich,

    Introduction to Real Analysis (2nd Ed.), by Manfred Stoll
    Numerical Mathematics and Computing (5th Ed), by Cheney & Kincaid

Prerequisite : Analysis I,II

Homework, Quizzes :
    Homework assignments will be made for each section. It will not be possible to obtain an adequate mastery of the subject unless these problems are worked in a timely way. Students are encouraged to work together. Homework will be collected and graded weekly.
    No late homework will be accepted except valid excuses

Make-up tests:
    Make-up test will NOT be given in general. Permission to take an exam at a time other than the scheduled one will be granted at the instructor's discretion. These arrangements must be made BEFORE the date of the test.

Grade: The final Grade will be determined according to the following results.
    Mid-term exam
    Final Exam
    Homeworks, Projects, Quiz
    : 35 points
    : 35 points
    : 10/10/5 points
    : 5 points

Exam Date :
    Mid-term Exam
    Final Exam
    : Oct 13, Wednesday
    : Dec **, ****day

General Note : If it arises that I need to change some of the above given information, I will announce it in advance. It is also your responsibility to stay current and be aware of any announcementes. Missed exams with no valid excuse will be scored as 0.