Yoonjin Lee
Department of Mathematics
Ewha Womans University
photo of Yoonjin Yoonjin Lee
Full Professor
Ph.D. in Mathematics at Brown University

Department of Mathematics 
Ewha Womans University 
52, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu,
Seoul, 03760, Republic of Korea

Phone: (02) 3277-6653
Fax: (02) 3277-2289
E-mail: yoonjinl@ewha.ac.kr
Home Page: http://math.ewha.ac.kr/~yoonjinl/
Profile:   Korean     English

Vice President for Admissions (since June 2017) Office of Admissions, Ewha Womans University 
Leader of BK21 plus team (since 2013) "Mathematical Science Team for Global Women Leaders" 
Associate Editor (since 2016), Chief-In-Editor (2017-2018) Bulletin of the Korean Mathematical Society 
Program committee of ANTS XIII "ANTS XIII: Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium", 2018 
Teaching Courses for Spring semester of 2020:  Abstract Algebra I  (lectured in English), Syllabus 
Office Hours for Spring semester of 2020 : by appointment through E-mail: yoonjinl@ewha.ac.kr
Research Interests:  Number Theory, Algebraic Coding Theory
Curriculum Vitae :  CV 
2016 International Workshop on Graph Theory and Combinatorics   Feb. 18-20, 2016,   Ewha Womans University 
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (SIAM AG15)   Aug. 3-7, 2015, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences 
ICM 2014 Satellite Conference on Algebraic Coding Theory   Aug. 11-12, 2014,   Ewha Womans University 
International Congress of Women Mathematicians 2014 (ICWM 2014)   Aug. 12, Aug. 14, 2014,   Ewha Womans University, COEX 
Korea-Japan Conference on Number Theory   Jan. 21-24, 2013,   Ewha Womans University 
Number Theory Web 
Number Theory:   Kummer extensions over the rational function field
Reversible self-dual codes over GF(4)
Binary reversible self-dual codes
Coding Theory:   Self-dual codes I (Binary 4-quasi-cyclic self-dual codes)
Self-dual codes II (Binary 10-quasi-cyclic self-dual codes)
CIS codes over GF(p)
Classification of binary self-dual codes
Isodual codes
Extremal self-dual codes over finite rings
Formally self-dual codes
Cyclic self-dual codes over Galois rings