Yoonjin Lee
Department of Mathematics
Ewha Womans University
photo of Yoonjin Yoonjin Lee
Full Professor
Ph.D. in Mathematics at Brown University

Department of Mathematics 
Ewha Womans University 
52, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu,
Seoul, 03760, Republic of Korea

Phone: (02) 3277-6653
Fax: (02) 3277-2289
E-mail: yoonjinl@ewha.ac.kr
Home Page: http://math.ewha.ac.kr/~yoonjinl/
Profile:   Korean     English

Vice President for Admissions (since June 2017) Office of Admissions, Ewha Womans University 
Chief-In-Editor (since 2017) Bulletin of the Korean Mathematical Society 
Leader of BK21 plus team (since 2013) "Mathematical Science Team for Global Women Leaders" 
Program committee of ANTS XIII "ANTS XIII: Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium", 2018 
Teaching Courses for Fall semester of 2018:  Applied Algebra  (lectured in English)
Office Hours for Fall semester of 2018 : 4:50 - 5:50 pm on Mon. or by appointment
Research Interests:  Number Theory, Algebraic Coding Theory
Curriculum Vitae :  CV 
2016 International Workshop on Graph Theory and Combinatorics   Feb. 18-20, 2016,   Ewha Womans University 
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (SIAM AG15)   Aug. 3-7, 2015, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences 
ICM 2014 Satellite Conference on Algebraic Coding Theory   Aug. 11-12, 2014,   Ewha Womans University 
International Congress of Women Mathematicians 2014 (ICWM 2014)   Aug. 12, Aug. 14, 2014,   Ewha Womans University, COEX 
Korea-Japan Conference on Number Theory   Jan. 21-24, 2013,   Ewha Womans University 
Number Theory Web 
Number Theory:   Kummer extensions over the rational function field
Coding Theory:   Self-dual codes I (Binary 4-quasi-cyclic self-dual codes)
Self-dual codes II (Binary 10-quasi-cyclic self-dual codes)
Reversible self-dual codes
CIS codes over GF(p)
Classification of binary self-dual codes
Isodual codes
Extremal self-dual codes over finite rings
Formally self-dual codes
Cyclic self-dual codes over Galois rings