Analytical and Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008
-- vortex flows, biological systems and related topics --
Department of Mathematics, Chung-Ang University, Seoul
June 24-25, 2008

Principal and Invited Speaker List
Choi, Haecheon (School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University)
[with Kweon, Byungdo Lee, Jongkook Seong and Hyungmin Park]
 Three-dimensional Vortical Structures around Gliding and Flapping Insects
Iima, Makoto (Research Institute for Electronic Science , Hokkaido University)
 A stability of free-flight using vortex: a universal mathematical structure
Jo, Tae-Chang (Mathematics, Inha University)
 Strongly nonlinear long wave model for internal waves
Kim, Chongam (School of Mechanical Aerospace Eng., Seoul National University)
[with Sung-Hwan YOON, Jin Seok PARK]
 Recent Progress in Limiting Strategy for Multi-dimensional Conservation Laws
Kim, Do Wan (Hanyang U)
 Fluid-structure interaction problems using the IFEM
Kim, Junseok (Mathematics, Korea University)
 Detailed description of generalized surface tension formulation
Kim, Yongsam (mathematics, Chung-Ang University)
[with C.S. Peskin]
 Numerical Study of Incompressible Fluid Dynamics with non-Uniform Density by the Immersed Boundary Method
Lai, Ming-Chih (Dept of Applied Math, National Chiao Tung Univ.)
 An immersed boundary method for the simulation of interfacial flows with insoluble surfactant
Lee, Sunmi (Math, Konkuk)
[with Sungim Whang]
 Stationary solitary wave solutions of the forced KdV equation
Okamoto, Hisashi (RIMS, Kyoto University)
[with Sun-Chul Kim]
 The inviscid limit of steady-states of the Navier-Stokes equations
SAKAJO, Takashi (Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, Japan)
 Motion of a ring structure of coherent vortices on a sphere
Contributed Talk Titles and Attendees List
414138, 6329 (JDVUrGuPXxxqJ)
[with Bradley]
935489, 60712 (xSyMhGSjcqVtgJhk)
[with Bradley]
51429, 4904 (nuSOIENrMidCAf)
[with rodjer]
CHOI, BOMI (Mathematics, CHUNG-ANG Univ)
Jung, Eunok (Mathematics, Konkuk Univsersity)
Kim, Jeeyeon (Mathematics, Chung-ang Univ.)
Kim, Sun-Chul (Mathematics, Chung-Ang University)
Lee, June-Yub (Dept of Math, Ewha W. Univ)
Seol, YunChang (Mathematics, Chung-Ang University)
Yu, Kwangmin (Mathematics, Chung-Ang University)